Saturday, August 19, 2006

Scheduling Headaches

I've decided that the most difficult part of my business is scheduling out-of-town appearances. When I go to a region, I want to get as many appearances as possible, but coordinating them can be a nightmare. So far, for this fall, I am going to these regions:

Dallas, TX (September 21-24)
Owensboro, KY (September 26, 27)
Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI (Last week in September to first week in October)
Austin, TX (October 12-14)
Atlanta, GA (October 16-21)
Miami, FL (October 27-28)
Spokane, WA (November 1-3)
Seattle, WA (November 4-14)
And all over the Orlando, FL area throughout the fall

If you are in one of those locations and are interested in having me come to your school, homeschool group, church, or bookstore, post a message. I charge no fee.

My Atlanta dates are pretty full, but the others are open.


Mirtika said...

You're coming to Miami? Whereabouts?

Hey, make sure you post your schedule over at ACFW. :)


Clefspeare said...

It's called the Kendall Enrichment Center. They haven't given me an address yet. They just said it was in Miami.

Where would I post it at ACFW?