Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kathy Tyers blog tour

Some of my blogging acquaintences are focusing on the works of Kathy Tyers for a few days. If you're interested in reading what they have to say about this Christian Science Fiction author, check out their blogs:

http://www.godtouches.org John J. Boyer
http://invalslittleworld.blogspot.com Valerie Comer
http://bethgoddard.blogspot.com Beth Goddard
http://rebeccagrabill.blogspot.com Rebecca Grabill
http://foundationsofhope.blogspot.com Leathel Grody
http://www.karenhancock.blogspot.com Karen Hancock
http://clawoftheconciliator.blogspot.com Elliot Hanowsk
http://writingchristiannovels.blogspot.com Katie Hart
http://360.yahoo.com/s_p_hibbs Sherrie Hibbs
http://www.sharonswriting.blogspot.com Sharon Hinck
http://fabfourbookpicks.blogspot.com Pamela James
http://www.spoiledfortheordinary.blogspot.com Jason Joyner
http://tinakulesa.com/weblog Tina Kulesa
http://www.shadowofthewood.com Rachel Marks
http://shenandoahdawn.blogspot.com Shannon McNear
http://rebeccaluellamiller.wordpress.com Rebecca LuElla Miller
http://www.unseenworlds.blogspot.com Cheryl Russel
http://mirathon.blogspot.com Mirtika Schultz
http://jerkrenak.blogspot.com Stuart Stockton
http://christiansf.blogspot.com Steve Trower
http://specfaith.ritersbloc.com Speculative Faith


Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

I first heard of Kathy Tyers when her Star Wars novel, Truce at Bakura, came out. I haven't read her work yet, but it sounds impressive, especially considering Christian science fiction is such a rarity! I'm taking a try at the genre myself.

Becky said...


I think you'll really like Tyers. There are some good reviews from tour participants. Check out Elliot and Steve.

Also Beth has an interview with Tyers which is very interesting.

Hope you enjoy yourself.


Julius Scipio said...

She's the one who did Truce At Bakura? I LOVE that book!

Kathy Tyers said...

Hi Bryan,

Thank you so much for mentioning my stuff! This has been fun.