Saturday, August 26, 2006

ACFW Book of the Year Finalist

Good news! I learned that two of my books, Circles of Seven and Tears of a Dragon, were selected as finalists in the American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year contest in the General Fiction category.

There are six finalists in my category. I'm not sure how many contestants there were. If there were only six, then this is no great feat, but I'm glad to be considered anyway.

The awards will be announced at the ACFW convention in Dallas on September 23.


Dragon Girl said...

That's Awesome! I've finally finished the Circles of Seven and I loved it. I found it hard to put the book down. So far all the books I read took me two days to read x_x' lol

I'm still waiting for the last one to come into the bookstore. Congratulations on going to the finals. That's just way cool! ^.=.^

September 23, awesome. That's a day after my birthday. I'll pray for you, I'm sure the reward will be a great achievement

Love and prayers,


Julius Scipio said...

Congrats Mr. Davis!

Hope you get the award thingy.

~The hastati of doom ^_^

pam halter said...

I believe the category of "general fiction" is pretty big, so congrats! Your books have drawn in my 13-year-old reluctant reader.

desertfriend said...

What's not to love about your books? I glad others are coming around to see what those of your fans can see! you deserve credit and God deserves Praise...looking forward to the Oracles of fire!!!!