Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Endorsement for President - Chuck Baldwin

I normally don't get political on my blog, and I likely won't again during the presidential campaign, but I will give a one-time statement regarding my choice for president--Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party nominee.

The two major parties have abandoned the principles of virtue and law, so they have given me no choice. I cannot vote for a candidate who is not pro-life, and although John McCain claims to be pro-life, he is not. He has publicly stated that he would not want Roe vs. Wade overturned, and he supports federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. And, of course, Barack Obama is about as far from pro-life as a candidate can be.

Some people might say that we shouldn't vote based on one issue, but I disagree. If a candidate believes it is legally acceptable to kill the most helpless and innocent ones of all, he is not qualified to be president.

Also, John McCain has proven himself to be unfit for office in that he left his crippled wife for another woman, with whom he now still lives. According to the Bible, Mr. McCain has broken his vows and is in an adulterous relationship. I cannot vote for an unrepentant adulterer.

Both of the two major candidates, through their voting records, have shown a desire to spend taxpayer money at an alarming rate. Both worked to block conservative judge appointments. Both have done poorly in supporting the Constitution, especially the first, second, and tenth amendments to the Bill of Rights.

Some might say that voting for a person "who doesn't stand a chance" is throwing your vote away. This is illogical for several reasons. First, who can prove that any candidate doesn't stand a chance? If we let the media decide who has a chance and chant that mantra, then we are perpetuating the myth that we can have only two parties. This idea of throwing away a vote is self-created and self-perpetuating. Second, if we continue to believe that the two major parties are the only ones available and continue to vote for them, even if they march out unacceptable candidates, we will never get a real change.

It's true that Chuck Baldwin will take votes from John McCain, but maybe that will be good for the Republican Party in the long run. Maybe the party will wake up and see that they have abandoned their supporters. Otherwise, we will continue to get the same terrible choices.

Don't settle for the lesser of two evils, because this time around, the two evils are both intolerable. Vote for a real change for the better.

Chuck Baldwin is truly pro-life and supports the Constitution in reality, not just verbally. It would take a long time to list all his policies, so I suggest that you go to his website by clicking here.

I know that many people who read this will disagree. As usual, I will moderate comments. You may disagree, but I won't allow any comments that are abusive or insulting in any way.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Well said. I have also decided on Chuck Baldwin because he strongly supports a non-globalist American with national borders.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Bladwin most likely wont win.
Yet, he is the best candidate by far.i didnt know about Chuck Baldwin until about last week. i agree that if you dont believe all the same political beliefs that a candidate has, then you shouldnt vote for them. That political belief could be the most important one. And one thing, maybe Mr. Baldwin could take alot of votes, and end up winning. anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Now I will agree with you that Baldwin seems like a candidate with good beliefs, the election does seem to have some aspects of a popularity contest. While I don't watch the news that often, I have never heard them even mention his name in connection with the election, and I doubt many Americans know that he is even running.

If no one knows about him, then when they get to the polls, they will ignore his name in order to choose between Obama and McCain, the two major players in this election.

Then let's say that enough people hear about Baldwin and vote for him, giving him a decent percentage. Where are his votes coming from? Not Obama, as no Democrat would likely vote for Baldwin, so that means his votes would be coming from McCain.

This might not mean that Baldwin means, it means that both McCain and Baldwin would lose, leaving Obama to take office.

Now while I don't agree with some of McCain's beliefs, I would much rather have him in office than Obama. And since the chance of Baldwin winning the election seems out of reach, if I vote for him, I insure that a Democrat gets into the Presidency rather than a Republican.

To close, I would love for Baldwin to get into office, but since he will most likely not get enough votes, why would I choose to split Obama's opposition and guarantee him a majority?

I'd love to hear any responses to my comment, which has gotten rather long, and if anyone has any insights that I haven't taken into consideration, please tell me.

Bryan Davis said...


Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

I mentioned some of your concerns in my post, but I'll try to clarify them. I think Mr. Obama would be a horrible president, but if conservatives keep voting for the terrible choices the Republican party provides, in the long run, we will be worse off.

If Mr. Baldwin gets enough votes to hurt the Republican effort, then maybe the GOP will finally come to their senses and return to conservative values.

If conservatives hold their noses and vote for Mr. McCain, and he wins, then we will be solidifying the Republican party's notions that their departure from our values works fine for them.

Frankly, I think a McCain presidency would also be horrible, so I think enduring the pain of an Obama presidency would be worth the long-run benefit, if, indeed, it would send a message to the GOP.

Also, as I wrote in the post, it would be a violation of my conscience to vote for an unrepentant adulterer who is not pro-life. I just can't do it.

Paris said...

I'm still only a "kid" so I can't do much with politics. I don't even really know who is running besides Obama. Vote for the right person, guys!

Jordan said...

Mr. Davis, thank you so much for posting about Chuck Baldwin's campaign. I will be voting for the first time this year, and I have been looking for a good third-party (for lack of a better word) candidate to vote for. I'll certainly review his Web site in depth.

Although Mr. Baldwin will have slim chances at winning, I am confidant that if a third-party candidate could win any presidential election, it'd be the one this November.

Let's get the word out! And most importantly, remember that this election is in the hands of the Creator, who knows what He is doing a lot more than we do.

Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

Hi Bryan,

I wish to compliment you on a well written and thoughtful endorsement of Mr. Baldwin. He is very blessed to have you support him.

I don't agree that the media is deciding that there should be only two parties. The media is just reflecting what is generally known: no third party candidate in our history has won a bid for the presidency since electoral votes were determined via state popular vote in 1824. The political marketplace simply does not support the entry of a third party. Ross Perot, Strom Thurmond, George Wallace, none have succeeded. Even Teddy Roosevelt, a popular former president no less, couldn't pull it off in 1912.

Now, I'm not saying it's impossible by any means, but persuading people in mass numbers to break off and vote for another party is a Herculean task in lieu of our history. Third parties are, with almost no exception, niche parties that don't (in most cases, don't seek to) attract more than a small bloc of voters. Maybe this will change, but it hasn't so far.

Even so, I wouldn't ask anyone to vote for McCain based on this. He's compiled a dubious record that invites suspicion, so I'll hardly object if one votes against him based on conscience. Unfortunately, I can't support Baldwin, but I'll wish their supporters well. Maybe in 2012 my party will do better.

- Jason

Bryan Davis said...


As usual, you have posted thoughtfully. I appreciate your political knowledge.

Trust me on this, I'm not picking out a new suit for Mr. Baldwin's inauguration party. I don't predict a victory.

My main reasons for supporting him are:

1. He is the best candidate.

2. I hope by voting third party to persuade a major party to nominate better candidates.

3. My conscience will not allow me to vote for either major candidate.

This isn't about winning. It's about principle, and the three principles above are more than enough for me.

caleb herman said...

i'm not old enough to vote but i am old enough to know that if everyone in the US stood agianst god it would not be enough to stop him or his plan. have faith this isn't just you your electing this president for it's is people like me and paris who cant vote, it's for those who havent even been born yet whos lives may be at risk if you elect somone who won't stand for their right to LIFE liberty and the prisuit of happiness, and its even for people outside america who are being saved from extremests just becouse our solders are there. god can make the right canidate win so don't settle for anything less than the best

Sapphira Adi said...

Glad to comment on here again. I knew if I could vote I woudn't vote for Obama but I didn't know that about McCain ^_^ At least I don't have to worry about it because I can't vote anyway. . . soooooo I wish a cookie was running :D

Pam Halter said...

Thank you for giving me someone else to vote for, Bryan. I was just talking with a friend today about who in the world should we vote for. Even choosing the lesser of two evils is still evil.

I will vote for Chuck Baldwin, too.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Baldwin, I haven't heard his name on any of the conservative talk radio shows. It's a shame as he truly shares conservative values.
Word of caution though: We recognize the adultery of John McCain, but how can it be said that he is non-repentant? None can claim to have listened in on McCain's prayers to God.
Also, Adultery is something every man (even woman) has committed at some point in his life when we go by the standard given to us by Jesus.
I agree we must stop voting for the lesser evil. We here from the candidates, "Vote for Change." What is actually needed? "Pray for Change"; for God to change and remold clay hearts starting with our own. I confess it's been along time since I fervently prayed for our leaders or candidates. God can do, what man can not.

NoahR said...

Mr. Davis, I can understand your reasons to vote for Baldwin. McCain is not the Republican I would want in office, but I would not want Obama to be elected either. If I voted, I am not sure who I would vote for in this election. This, by far, is the hardest election I have ever seen. For one, I would not want to throw away my vote on someone who will not win, but at the same time I would hate voting for someone who does not agree with my beliefs. You did the right thing as far as I am concerned.

Bryan Davis said...

Anonymous, we don't need to listen to Mr. McCain's prayers to know that he is unrepentant, because he is still living with the woman for whom he left his wife.

Regarding whether or not everyone has committed adultery according the Jesus' standards, I don't see how you would know that. I really doubt that you're correct.

Manwariel said...

Thank you for posting this. I was probably going to vote for McCain, but after what I've learned of him reading this and the topic on the forum, my mind is changed.

Paris said...

I really could care less about McCain, but I really like his VP Palin (did I spell that right?). She's a strong woman and gets things done from what I've heard. Sheesh, I can't believe we haven't even had a female VP yet...and we still might not.