Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Motiv8 Authors Series - Christopher Hopper

This week's Motiv8 tour author is Christopher Hopper, author of the White Lion Chronicles. To date, two books have been released, Rise of the Dibor and The Lion Vrie. I started the first book, and someday I'll have to finish it, but I felt like Christopher's style was similar to Stephen Lawhead. So if you like Mr. Lawhead's works, you will want to check out this series.

It was great traveling with Christopher. He is one of the friendliest, most genuine people I have ever met. His love of others was proven every day in his humble and giving ways. His love for the Lord is also obvious. He praises God with his lips and with his actions constantly.

He is also a very funny guy, as the photos attest.

Christopher is also a youth pastor in the Thousand Islands area of New York, so his books are an extension of his heart for youth. But his stories aren't just for young people. They are definitely geared for the older teens and adults.

So if you haven't read the White Lion Chronicles, pick up Rise of the Dibor and support this godly man as he serves God with all his heart.


Jessica said...

I have the book, but have yet to read it. Homework >_<
But I just finished my largest assignment, so I will be catching up on my reading in the next month or so. ^-^
I met him during Motiv8, he is such a nice guy, and really good at MCing (I think I said that earlier, but that's ok, I think).

Galadriel said...

Waiting on Interlibary loan is such a pain. But I think I have a job, so I might be able to
A. Make money so I can
B. Buy some of his books--and some other peoples'