Monday, November 10, 2008

Motiv8 Authors Series - Sharon Hinck

I met Sharon Hinck at the 2003 Mount Hermon Christian Writers' conference. We talked for a while at a meal, and she told me about her fantasy series. I don't remember much about the content of her book proposal, but I'll never forget the passion she had for her story and the burning desire to share what was on her heart, a longing to fill her readers with an intimate understanding of God's love .

I guessed at the time that her book would eventually get published. With that kind of fire for her handiwork, it stood to reason that God had ignited the flames.

Now, that dream is a reality. The Sword of Lyric series is out and readers, especially adult women, have raved about it. I haven't read the books myself, but I have heard that manly men like it, too, right Wayne Batson? So guys, don't be afraid to pick it up. The woman in your life will be proud of you.

I have also had the great pleasure of touring with Sharon at length during the past two fantasy fiction tours. She is an absolute delight--loving, generous, funny, and always ready with a kind and encouraging word. I'm absolutely certain that she makes Jesus smile.

When you meet her, be sure to ask her about football. She loves to talk about the intricacies of the game, especially the players' motivating factors. (Very big wink)

Sharon has several other books that you'll want to check out, all of which have received glowing reviews. Click here for her website.

Thank you, Sharon, for showing us the heart of God.

If anyone wants to let us know your opinion about Sharon and/or her books, please make a comment.


aiony said...

I've read The Restorer series and a couple of her stand alone books. They are a great read and have a wonderful message. There have been times where I have been struggling with not knowing something and I find myself rereading The Restorer. There's a particular passage in there that reminds me "Duh! God's in control!"

Sharon Hinck said...

bryan, thank you for your kind post!

Aiony, I'm SO SO glad that The Restorer has helped reassure you that God IS in control. :-)