Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Nail in our Nation's Coffin?

I just heard that the Supreme Court denied Mr. Donofrio's election stay request.

Click here for the order.

When I get more information, I will update this post.


Click Here for an update from Mr. Donofrio:

His hope that another case might still be approved for a hearing is interesting, but I am not optimistic about its chances without a miracle.

There are also still many other cases around the nation that we can pray for.

One fact remaining is that Obama still hasn't proven he was born in the U.S. Many Obama supporters claim that he is eligible because he was born in Hawaii, but that claim has never been proven.

Update #2:

There is still some confusion regarding whether it was just the stay of the election that was denied or rather the entire writ.

Update #3:

If you read the entire order, you'll see there is no statement that the certiorari has been denied. The stay was denied, but not the cert.

When you look at the SCOTUS list of denied certs (starting on page 2), Mr. Donofrio’s case isn’t on the list.

Notice the first two cases in the document denying stays, Domantay and Donofrio. Domantay is also later in the list of denied certs (Page 6), but Mr. Donofrio’s is not on that later list.

Does that mean that the stay has been denied but not cert? If anyone can shed light on this, I would appreciate it.

Update #4: Here is the latest that is going around.

First, the only thing the SCOTUS did was to deny a stay of the election. Since Mr. Donofrio's original case requested a stay of the November 4 election, the SCOTUS had to deny it. That election had already passed.

The court did not yet refuse to hear the case. It is officially still pending, contrary to what the media is reporting.

The SCOTUS has added a similar case to the docket to be handled at conference this Friday, December 12.

So, the case has not been denied at all. It is still in process, and apparently the SCOTUS is adding to it.

Update #5:

The docket for the Donofrio case shows that it has been denied. Since the SCOTUS order said nothing about denying cert, maybe the original request asked only for a stay and nothing else. I don't know. That doesn't make sense to me, but I don't understand the inner workings of that court.


Arianna said...

Where did you find out that they haven't denied the case? The docket just says "Denied."

Bryan Davis said...

I saw that. It's kind of confusing in that the court order has no mention of a cert being denied, only the stay.

Considering that the SCOTUS picked up a similar case for conference this Friday, the entire situation is intriguing.

All we can do is wait and see.