Monday, December 01, 2008

Motiv8 Authors Series - Eric Reinhold

I would like to introduce you to another author from the Motiv8 tour, Eric Reinhold. I met Eric via email contact about a year ago and then later at breakfast in Apopka, FL. He is an investment manager who has taken the first steps into the author's journey.

When I met him, he had heard about our tour in 2007 and wanted to see how he could become a part of it in 2008. I had never read his book, but with his knowledge of business and finance, I thought he could be a beneficial addition. So we signed him up.

And we're glad we did. He is a personable, hard-working guy who definitely helped us out with his experience in his charitable foundation, Character 4 Kids. He set up our tour corporation and checking account, and became our bookkeeper. And he also proved to be a great addition as an author with his ability to speak with conviction at our school meetings and his friendliness at every book signing.

Eric is the author of Ryann Watters and the King's Sword. I haven't read it, but if it reflects the author's character and passion for telling great stories that honor a Christian world view, then it will be a good read.

My impression is that the story is suited for pre-teens and younger teens, so if you have readers in that category, check it out.


Siobhan said...

It is definitely suited for younger readers, but I read it and thought that it was pretty cool, too :)

Eric Reinhold said...

Thanks for the props! Book 2 is almost complete and over 400 pages now. It ratchets up the intensity as the kids age from 12 (in book 1) to 13, especially in the battle scenes!