Friday, December 11, 2009

Bryan Teaching at a Writers Conference

Are you interested in learning more about the craft of writing? Would you like to have me as your teacher?

If you answer yes to either question, you should check out the Florida Christian Writers' Conference. Click Here.

I will be teaching the teen track there, meaning that aspiring writers who happen to be in their teen years will be my students. That doesn't mean that only teens can come to my track. It's just that we work hard and move quickly, so some adults can't keep up :-)

Seriously, adults who are young at heart are welcome to join us.

Whether you want to join my class or not, if you're interested in an intensive few days of writing training and interaction with publishing house representatives and published authors, you might find the conference to be a valuable investment. This is the conference where I got my start. I met my publishing editor there, and that launched my career as an author.

The conference also has a blog. Click Here.

If you have any questions after reading the conference websites, please post a comment. I hope to see you there!


Navybro said...

I sooo wish I could go! =D

Well, I dunno about whether I can do with the pricing and location issues, but it'll be under consideration by me and my parents, & I can keep checking up on this.

And even though I'm really one year over your target age group (20), I'm pretty sure I can still qualify for your class, being "young at heart." ;)

Anonymous said...


I live no where near Florida :(((( actually as far away as you can get besides perhaps Washington.

A sad Millard

Galadriel said...

*sighs* wouldn't that be a wonderful graduation present from my parents? *hint, hint*

Ian said...

Wow...the date's actually set at a time where I can make it this year (If I can come up with the money...<_<)

Quick question: does the course include anything at all about query letters or anything like that (that has to do with actually trying to get your book published)?


Bryan Davis said...

Ian, I go over whatever students want to cover. I have sample query letters and book proposals, so I can certainly work with you on that.

Zera said...

I wish I could come again this year! The past two years have been great and my writing has improved a ton. I wish I could come, even if only for half of the conference. :(