Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Contest to Promote I Know Why the Angels Dance

Since I Know Why the Angels Dance is my first novel for adults, it's not very well known yet. I hope you will help me get it publicized. Here is my idea.

The first 75 contestants who get ten people to order this book from me will receive one of the following prizes:

1. All four Dragons in our Midst MP3 audio books (10 available)
2. All four Oracles of Fire MP3 audio books (10 available)
3. The Bones of Makaidos (Paperback book) (5 available)
4. Dragons in our Midst posters. All four book covers on posters. (25 sets available)
5. Oracles of Fire posters. All four book covers on posters. (25 sets available)

If you want to participate, email me bryan (at) daviscrossing (dot) com, and I will send you a unique promotional code. That code can be entered by the purchaser in the web page for ordering - Click here to see the page.

If someone uses that promotional code to order the book, he or she will get a two dollar refund on the purchase for each book ordered, and the contestant will get credit for each copy of the book ordered. When that promotional code gets ten books credited, the contestant will receive one of the prizes. The contestant will have to choose from whatever prize supply is remaining. I will inform the contestant by email when he or she has won a prize.

Once I run out of prizes, the contest will be finished, and I won't be able to award any further prizes, so working quickly will help you be one of the first 75.

When you receive your promotional code, you can promote the book through email, Facebook, Myspace, etc, as well as by posting a notice in your church. Here is sample text.

Please help me promote a wonderful new book by author Bryan Davis. I Know Why the Angels Dance is a contemporary novel that delves into one of the great struggles of our existence, the mystery of death and the afterlife. It is a Christian novel for adults and teens that is filled with emotion, passion, and spiritual insight, a great gift for anyone who needs a glimpse of light and hope.

The author is contributing all royalties to charitable groups, so this isn't a sales pitch for him. It's a way to spread a message of love and life. If you go to this web page - - you can enter a promotional code to get two dollars off the $12 price. Here is the code - (Put your code here)

If you will forward this message to others or post it on any social network pages you have, I would appreciate it.

For more information, go to
I will look forward to hearing from those who want to participate. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in comments.


Theodora the half angel said...

Has anyone got any 'sales'? ^_^
Just curious :D

Bryan Davis said...

One person reached the goal. I am hoping others do as well.