Saturday, August 07, 2010

Endorsement for Masters & Slayers - #1

Believable world building undergirds good fantasy. In Masters and Slayers Bryan Davis takes as much care establishing the physical backdrop as he does in character development. The result is another tale that draws in fantasy lovers and satisfies the reader on a spiritual level as well as on the entertainment through adventure plane. Mr. Davis has given us the beginning of another series to put on the Keeper shelf.

    Donita K. Paul (Author of Dragon Keeper Chronicles and Chiril Chronicles)

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Anonymous said...

I sent you 2 emails, and you emailed back and said they were both blank... (sorry! I don't know why my computer does that!)
I was asking if I can be a Masters & Slayers reviewer. I post book reviews on a homelearner network I homeschool through, and on my blog too,

Thanks, Mackenzie