Monday, August 09, 2010

Endorsement for Masters & Slayers - #2

All I can say is that I'm now a huge fan. Davis's pacing is masterful, and his story craft is on par with the greats, making him a legend in his own day. But what grips me the most are his characters. Never have I been so sad to see a story come to a close.

Davis's leap to adult fiction was no leap at all. At least he made it seem that way. Writing for an older audience comes as natural to him as Adrian parrying a sword attack.

It's one thing to use fantastical creatures of the status quo, but it's quite another to form new ones from the ground up, giving readers beings they've yet to imagine! Hats off to Davis for reinventing the norm in fantasy once again.

Adventure. Courage. Valor. Sacrifice. An absolute must read.

Christopher Hopper (Author of The White Lion Chronicles and co-author of The Berinfell Prophecies)

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