Friday, October 02, 2009

Book Signing Event in Ellicott City, Maryland

I will be signing books at the His Way Bookstore in Ellicott City, Maryland, on Saturday, October 31, from noon until 3:00 pm. The store will have all my books on hand, and I will be glad to sign books you already own.

This will be the first official book signing event for the release of I Know Why the Angels Dance.

Even if you can't come, if you know someone in the area who might be interested, please pass the information along.


Jessica said...

Hello Bryan,

I was wondering if you had any info on when you would be coming back to Canada (Abbotsford, BC) ^-^

Bryan Davis said...

Jessica, I have no plans right now to return to the Abbotsford area. I have been there five times including a recent visit this past spring. I'm not sure when I will plan another trip there.

Jessica said...

Will you post it on here if you end up coming?

Bryan Davis said...

Sure, Jessica. Not a problem.