Thursday, October 15, 2009

Various Updates

The release of I Know Why the Angels Dance has been delayed by another week. I had announced that it would be at the publisher's warehouse by October 9. Now it is supposed to be there by October 16. That means the book should be in stores by the end of the month. Thank you for your patience.

I am currently working on the second young adult book in the Dragons of Starlight series. My working title is Inner Starlight. I'm hoping to make it even more thrilling than the first, and that will be a challenge.

I will be visiting Thornburg Middle School in Fredericksburg, Virginia, during the morning classes on October 30, and Fredericksburg Christian Lower School during the afternoon. If you want to hear one of my talks, call the school to obtain permission. I have found that schools usually welcome visitors for such events.

Don't forget that I will be at the His Way Bookstore in Ellicott City, Maryland, on October 31 from 12 noon to 3 pm. If you live in the area, I hope you can come out and see me.


Jessica said...

I have been wondering: what is your stance on Halloween?
I know Christians who are vehemently against it, who don't mind either way, and who *really* enjoy it (that last one is me XD).

Bryan Davis said...

We ignore Halloween. I don't see the purpose. If I want my kids to have candy, I'll just stop at the store and get some. I see no reason to spend time and money on a costume and send them out with a "Trick or Treat" blackmail message. I know they wouldn't mean it, but why have them participate in a ritual that doesn't make any sense?

If the celebration had any reasonable purpose, I would consider it, but with the dark background associated with the holiday, I can't see why I should want to participate.

Also, since we live in a rural area, no one ever comes to our house, so that makes it easy.

Jessica said...

Thank-you for the answer :D
I am too old for 'Trick or Treating' but I still spend money on making costumes every year. Just for the fun of it ^-^