Sunday, October 18, 2009

Making the Angels Dance

Now that I Know Why the Angels Dance has been released, I have been thinking about the people to whom I will be giving copies. Since this book will be of great help and comfort to those who are in tragic circumstances or in grief, these are on my list so far:

Funeral directors
Grief counselors
Christian School Principals

And I will always have some on hand for when I hear about the death of a friend or the friend of a friend.

Can you think of others who would benefit? Post your ideas for me in a comment.

Once you read this book, I think you'll understand how beneficial it will be for anyone who is hurting because of loss. That's why I am offering the book for sale at a quantity discount for gift-giving.

If you'll click here, you can buy five copies for $45, including shipping. That's only $9 each, delivered, which is pretty much my cost. As many of you know, I am donating proceeds from this book to charitable causes, so I'm not trying to make a profit. I am trusting that the books will be put in the hands of people who will benefit from its message of hope.

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Pam Halter said...

Thanks for doing this, Bryan.