Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fantasy Fiction Tour Day Eight

I am posting from the home of the famous Roheryn, my friend and faithful poster on my message forum. I am thankful for all the host families who have shown such wonderful hospitality.

Today we drove from Newark, DE, to Brooklyn, NY, and had a signing at Timeless Treasures bookstore. We had good talks with customers, but, unfortunately, the store only have four of my books on hand, two copies of Tears of a Dragon, book 4 of Dragons in our Midst, and two copies of Eye of the Oracle, book #1 of Oracles of Fire. The two copies of Eye sold without a problem, but no one wanted to buy book #4 when they hadn't read books one through three.

Tomorrow morning we go to Manhattan for a signing at another Timeless Treasures bookstore. Then we get to go home! I'm looking forward to seeing my wife and two of my daughters again. It has been too long.

Again, I don't have photos ready. I hope to post a lot of photos when I get home as well as the remainder of the videos.


Justin B. said...

Maybe by reading Eye of the Oracle, they then will go buy the other books! Just finished Eye of the Oracle today, really liked how you linked the story to the Noah's Ark. It made me go back and reread some of those parts of the bible!
Good luck tomorrow! God Bless!

Roheryn said...

I'm Famous! I feel specialful!!!