Friday, July 06, 2007

Fantasy Fiction Tour Prep - Getting Practical

Okay, I'm asking for your help. I am leaving on Sunday, July 8 to head for the ICRS convention in Atlanta, then leaving from there to go on the tour. I won't get home until July 19 or 20, depending on my driving schedule.

Considering that this is an unusual trip, driving all over the East with three other authors, my daughter, and an author's wife, while staying with people we've never met, what should I bring along? What practical items might I need, especially something helpful that I might not think about.

Help me make a list.

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FantasyBookWorm said...

Well, you need snack foods, of course! But more importantly, bring BOOKS! Everyone shoud bring their favorite books, and you could all swap! That way, you could have something to do on those long drives between signings!

Pam Halter said...

*Pain reliever
*mints/hard candies
*a variety of music
*plenty of change for vending machines at rest stops
*water bottles
*lip balm
*charger for cell phone

Triple A is a tremendous help when traveling. It's worth joining, especially since you travel so much.

Becky said...

Things I'd want to be sure to include if I was going on such a trip:

PENS (something really good and reliable for signings)
my laptop (if I owned one)
paper (gotta have something to write on)
flashlight--you never know
vitamins (especially for the man prone to get sick on long trips)

If I think of anything else I'll be back. Oh, and btw, if it were me, I'd park the trailer and take the subway into NYC. I would NOT want to try to find parking for a van, let alone for a van hauling a trailer. But that's something you fantasy four authors should probably decide together.


OAW said...

Some things that would be good to bring:

- cards
- iPod/music player
- tons of snacks!
- notebook/writing materials
- camera(s)
- material to sew/make things with in case you come up with more costume ideas
- portable dvd player (if you have one)
- me (just kidding)
- extra money for gas station stops
- sunglasses so you don't get mobbed by fans (unless you want to!)


Clefspeare said...

These are great ideas! My list is growing rapidly!

Roheryn said...

a simple first aid kit ish always useful ((so says the Girl Scout in me))
maybe some motion sickness meds if you're prone, or some ginger stuff...
things to amuse yourself with just in case...

I'm done for now... a lot of good stuff has been said

Christopher Hopper said...

Charger for a cell phone...

Seemingly obvious, and maybe not even note worthy. But how much does it stink when you get somewhere and realize your phone is dead? And you have no way of charging it?

Thanks for that, Pam!

Bryan, as to your other route-related questions, I'm checking with my fellow down-state NY friends.

...And not sure how you feel, but isn't it nice having all this outpouring of support? People getting our backs?

Bless you all!


WayneThomasBatson said...

•Extra Deodorant--Ha!
•2-3 cans of Fix-A-Flat (seriously, that stuff has saved my bacon more than once.
•Anyone bringing one of those GPS thingies that say "Turn right in 20 feet."??

•And of course, lots and lots of PEPSI!!

Becky said...

Hahaha--back to the Pepsi. Is that for when the Fix-a-Flat runs out? LOL

Have a great time, you guys.


Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

Everyone's so hung up on Coke vs. Pepsi. I don't know why. Everyone knows Barq's is king. :D

- Jason