Friday, July 27, 2007

Montrose Conference - final day

This has been one of the busiest conferences I have ever attended. I taught nine workshop sessions, did a keynote address, critiqued many manuscripts, and conducted a critique group that lasted over four hours.

Since I taught the Teen Track, I met a dozen or so wonderful teenagers who are dedicated to writing. Many of them were quite good at the craft, and they seemed to learn a lot. At the critique group, we had a great time going over their work. Although it lasted almost until midnight, laughter kept us awake. We had a blast.

I have enjoyed this conference greatly. It is well run, the organizers are friendly and helpful, and the conferees have been a delight. Not only that, the food was super. I have to exercise extra hard when I get home.


Pais Charos said...

Haha, gotta love those critique sessions - they rock!!

Kare Alethieas said...

Totally! So you had another sessions of hysterical laughter and rolling on the floor with tears streaming down your face? That's awesome! And it lasted just as late as ours did too. Bravo guys, bravo!

Roheryn said...

Soudns like fun!
And Ih, the extra long critique sessions are the greatest!

Pais Charos said...

I think that was definitely one of the highlights at the FCWC :D

Pam Halter said...

I told ya the food was good! :)

So happy to hear you had a great conference. I was hoping to get up to Montrose this year, but it just didn't work out. Welcome home!