Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fantasy Fiction Tour Day Four

What a great day! After driving from Raleigh, NC, we had a signing at a Barnes & Noble in Richmond, VA. Quite a few people drove hours to come out and see us, and we sold a good number of books. We were busy talking to customers the entire time. The manager was super excited and had us sign all of our leftover books. He said he would put up a display in the front. To the right is a photo of us at this Barnes & Noble.

After that, we drove to Ellicott City, MD, for our next signing at His Way Bookstore. The traffic was terrible! We lost well over an hour because of the bumper-to-bumper mess and arrived at the bookstore about forty minutes late. We were in touch with the store representative several times, and she kept telling us that people were waiting patiently for our arrival. So, when we arrived, we expected a line of people, but we weren't prepared for the mob that greeted us. Even though we had well over an hour left in our appearance time, it took the entire hour and twenty minutes to sign books for the people who had waited. It was amazing! Some bought all six of my books, including one boy who came all the way from Rochester, NY!

As you can see in the photo, some readers showed up in costume. We had such a great time signing and speaking to the fans, we didn't have an opportunity to do a reading. That's not a bad problem to have at all!

Michelle at His Way was fantastic! She prepared an unbelievable array of decorations for the signing, including hand-painted banners, book display units, a fabulous window display, among others. You can see some of the banners in the next photo.

On Sunday we will go to church in Washington, DC, and speak to a youth group, then do a signing at the church. After that we will go to Alexandria for a Barnes & Noble signing, followed by another Barnes & Nobel signing in Ellicott City, MD.

We have heard that a reporter from the Washington Post will come to the Alexandria signing. That will be terrific!


Pais Charos said...

The Elicott City signing was indeed awesome! I don't think I stopped smiling while I was there! It was so neat to see God answer our prayers about that store, and to see all of those people waiting for you, Wayne, Sharon, and Christopher. I wouldn't have traded yesterday for anything.

*snickers* Take a look at my blog, if you have a chance. There's a picture of you up there :P

Justin B. said...

Your hands must be sore. See ya tommorrow