Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let the Motiv8 Contest Begin!

We don't have as many contestants as I had hoped for, but maybe we can make up the quantity with quality. With that in mind, I will be awarding bonus points for especially good reviews, that is, compelling and well-written reviews for any of the authors' books. The bonus points will range from five to ten points. Of course, if you get a bonus and then use the same text for another review site, you won't get another bonus.

For the best review posted during the first month of the contest (August 14 to September 14), I will give an autographed poster of The Bones of Makaidos.

I will post the award winning reviews on the blog.

If you want to join the contest, please come aboard. I will need you to email me your contact information.

So, let's get started. Send me your point reports!


Wilsonator said...

Does reviews from last week count? Also will you give bonus points for old book reviews?

Jessica said...

I probably won't be sending any point reports until next week (still working on the paper).
Will you be taking off inactive contestants?


Bryan Davis said...

Reviews from last week count. I will consider old reviews for bonus points.

Jessica, I won't take off inactive contestants unless there are no reports after one month.

Everyone, please send me links to the reviews. Please don't just say, "I reviewed everyone's books on Amazon." I don't want to have to look all of them up.

Thank you.

Araken said...

I am going to be vying for the tBoM poster!

Kelsey said...

Do we get extra points for putting up all of the banners on our blogs?

Wilsonator said...

If you can't get permission to put up a banner on websites, and you don't have a blog. Is there any other method I can use the banner to get more points.

Tippie said...

So, we do have to send you the links to our reviews [for example] in email? Or do we post them here?

Bryan Davis said...


I will give banner points for every legitimate place you put a Motiv8 banner. I don't want a blog created just for placing a banner. It has to be an existing blog.


I don't know of another place to put a banner. If anyone can think of one, please let me know.


I need the links by email so I can save them in my email folder. You are welcome to post them on a comment as well.

Tippie said...

I also have a Motiv8 banner there. :)

Tippie said...

I have two reviews for DragonSpell here:

Tippie said...

Got some more reviews:

Donita K. Paul:

Raising Dragons:

Pais Charos said...

Question: What if I posted something (reviews, banners, etc) on They have on there a journal which is sorta like a blog. I've been a member for a while so it's already existing. My profile/journal is viewable by the public, they just can't comment unless they're a member. Would that work as well?

Bryan Davis said...

As ling as it's publicly viewable, it's fine.

Tippie said...

Beyond the Reflection's Edge Reviews: