Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Motiv8 Contest - First Assignment

This is your first assignment for the Motiv8 Tour contest. Pick an author from the group going on tour and write a note expressing why you like that author and his or her books. When I get them collected, I will send them to the authors. This will encourage the author and help you practice your own writing skills.


The note has to be at least 100 words. It must be turned in to me by email, bryan (at) dragonsinourmidst (dot) com. Don't post it as a comment on this blog.

It has to be turned in by Saturday, August 23, by midnight. The first five I receive will get 50 points, and the rest will get 45 points.

To get points, the author you choose must not be me. You can write one to me if you want. I always appreciate encouraging words, but you won't get any points for it.

Write the note as if you were addressing the author. For example: Dear Mrs. Hinck, I really like your books, because ...

I'm pretty sure Donita Paul and Sharon Hinck appreciate "Mrs." rather than "Ms."

As a reminder, the authors are listed below.

Wayne Thomas Batson
L. B. Graham
Sharon Hinck
Christopher Hopper
Donita K. Paul
Eric Reinhold
Jonathan Rogers

I'll look forward to getting your notes!


Jessica said...

This will really help my writing skills, thanks.

h said...

Hey Mr. Davis;
I've been researching publishers for my own fantasy books and noticed you published with AMG Publishers' Living Ink imprint. I'm interested in them because they are open to first-time authors, so I'd like to know how satisfied you were with them and all that. Thank you!

Bryan Davis said...


AMG has done an outstanding job with my books. I'm very pleased.

h said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Davis,

Thank you so much for your books. I can see that God's hand has been on your writing.

If I may, I would like to ask more about this Contest. I had not heard of it until today; and, if it is too late to join, I certainly understand. However, I decided to sent a note of thanks for Mrs. Paul anyway. For a long time I have wanted to thank her and tell her what her books have meant to me, but it is one of those things in which we have good intentions...yet are ashamed to admit that we fail to follow through. Again, thank you very much.

In Christ,