Sunday, June 01, 2008

Maryland Tour Part 2

The first Beyond the Reflection's Edge book tour is now over, ending with a signing at Borders in Columbia, Maryland, with Wayne Thomas Batson, author of The Door Within series and Isle of Swords.

We also spoke together at Dayton Oaks Elementary School. Wayne is a great guy, and I'm please to call him my friend.

At this moment, I am stuck at a motel between Nashville and Jackson, Tennessee. Our van broke down, and I sent my wife and kids home with my wife's sister. I have to wait here for the van to be repaired. Fortunately, the motel has Internet access.

Here are a few more bookstore photos:Josh with Jessie at Pathway Bookstore, 930 25th Street, Cleveland, Tennessee

Kale, Sandy, & John at:LifeWay Christian Store,Store #4511,3233 Airport Blvd,Mobile, Alabama

Kale & Skye at:Crossroads Books & Gifts,1401 Hillcrest Road,Mobile, Alabama

Here is djaq at Family christian bookstore, 8085 W Fairview Ave Boise, ID

I hoped to get a new contest quiz on the blog on Monday, but because of car problems, I will try to get it here on Tuesday.


Pais Charos said...

Oh no!! I hope it gets fixed soon so you can get home! I'll be praying!

Craig Snedeker said...

Brian and Wayne are the best authors EVER!