Monday, June 09, 2008

Internet Problems

I apologize for the delay in continuing the contest. My Internet is down, so my ability to run the contest is crippled. Even though the numbers on the blog aren't up to date, I have been keeping track of your totals, so don't worry about that.

Because of this problem, I'll let you know in advance when the next part of the contest will be posted. The Lord willing, I will put it here on Wednesday morning.

Thank you for your patience.


Katie L. said...

Wednesday Morning? D:

I'll be at VBS. *cries* Too bad.
At least I'll still be getting some points..

Paris said...

Well, at least this gives me time to get more points without seeing someone get to 300! I'd feel like I could never catch up!

bookworm4god said...

ssame with paris!!! lol, just kid, everyone's doing great:)
sorry 'bout your internet problemos... that's a bummer....