Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last of the Nephilim - Where to find it

Many readers have contacted me asking where they can buy Last of the Nephilim. This happens with every new book that comes out in the series. It gets released, and the stores that stock it run out of it in a hurry, and some stores don't get it quite as quickly as others, so readers in those areas have to wait.

I have heard that many of the Family Christian stores and the Parable group stores have them in stock, and many other Christian stores such as Mardel's, Berean, Lifeway, and Christian Supply either have them now or will be getting them soon.

Always call first. Gas is too expensive to waste. Although I always encourage my readers to support their local bookstores, ordering online is an alternative. is showing Last of the Nephilim as being in stock at $11.99, which is $3 off retail. Here is a link for CBD:

578729: #3: Last of the Nephilim#3: Last of the Nephilim

By Living Ink
You can also buy an autographed copy from me by clicking here. I have plenty in stock as well.

If you see it in one of your local bookstores, please post a comment and let me know where you found it.


Daniel said...

I ordered from Amazon in order to get free shipping along with some other books. However, Amazon states a 1-3 weeks wait. I'm really hoping it won't actually be that long!

Bryan Davis said...


Yes, Amazon's free shipping deal is hard to pass up when you're buying several books.

That 1 to 3 week statement would concern me, too. It's based on a computer estimate, which might not be accurate. If their distributor gets a shipment in on Monday, you might get it a lot sooner.

Daniel said...

The sooner the better, though I'm not done yet with L. B. Graham's [u]All My Holy Mountain[/u]. And Donita Paul's book DragonLight is on its way, too. The race is on!

Pam Halter said...

I ordered one for my daughter and it came in time for me to give it to her for a last day of school celebration. She did great her freshman year, getting high honors and completing the first year in the Communications course she's taking. She did well adjusting to public school after being homeschooled.

Thanks for signing it to her, Bryan!

Jessica said...

I am planning on getting my book from, but according to their website they will not the the book until July, 18th!
I remember you saying that you will be having another contest, will it be for this book (or the next "Echoes from the Edge" book), and how soon will you start it.

Bryan Davis said...


I am planning another contest that will involve Last of the Nephilim and the other dragons books, but I'm not sure yet when it will start. I'm guessing the beginning of August.

Liliannalissa said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while, so I still thought that Last of the Nephilim wasn't coming out until July. And then, for my birthday, Dad gave me a signed copy. I read it in one day. It was one of the best, and I think I might need to re-read it soon.