Saturday, June 14, 2008

Contest Update and More Photos

We are now closing in on the final two weeks of the Beyond the Reflection's Edge contest. Quite a number of you have done a fantastic job with reviews, photos, posters, T-shirts, etc. Because I'm so overwhelmed by your participation, I have decided to add more prizes. Here is a list of how the prizes will be given based on a contestant's rank by total points earned.

#1 - Books for life and character creation in a future book (unchanged)

#2 - The next five books I publish (unchanged)

#3 - The next three books I publish (unchanged)

#4 through #10 - Eternity's Edge and Book #3 of Echoes from the Edge (Instead of just Eternity's Edge)

#11 through #15 - Eternity's Edge (Instead of no prize)

Thank you again for all you're doing.

At this point, Kale has jumped to a sizable lead. She has turned in nine bookstore receipts, which, at twenty points each, gave her 180 points. That's a great way to accumulate them quickly.

Josh is close behind, and several others are within striking distance. With more than two weeks left, there is plenty of time to make up ground.

I hope to have another quiz, but I will announce it more than a day in advance so you won't have to check the blog more than once each day.

If you haven't done a video and want to do one, please send me the link by June 30. That's when I will award bonus points for the judge's favorite. The contest ends midnight, June 30.

Now for a few photos.
Here is Katie L. with Chris at Kregel Parable Christian Store, 2830 E. Beltline NE, Grand Rapids, MI.

Here is Kale with Jeremy at Book A Million on Davis Hwy Pensacola, FL

Here is Josh with Eric at the Lifeway on 5449 Washington Pike, Knoxville, TN

Here is Josh again with John at the Lifeway on 10990 Parkside Drive, Knoxville, TN

Great job!


Galadriel said...

What exactly are the changes in the prize?

Bryan Davis said...


For the top three finishers, the prize is the same. I edited the post to make the changes clearer.

S. J. Deal said...

Hey, there is Mr. Batson's books in the background on the top picture!

(Sorry couldn't resist commenting on it.)

Katie L. said...

Ooh! LOL! I never even noticed that Isle Of Fire was the picture. xD

Last of the Nephilim was there to. :D

Katie G. said...

I read the first chapter of The Last of the Nephilim online! It was GREAT!!!! I am going to HAVE to get the book soon or I'm going to go nuts!!!