Friday, June 06, 2008

Contest Quiz Number Two - Part Three and Rules Update

I will now give part three of quiz number two. If you didn't solve the first two parts, please read the explanation of the contest here before you try this.

I'm looking for the decoded words from this paragraph only. When you attach them to the words from the previous two parts of the quiz, you will see instructions taking shape. With this portion attached, it might look like you can decipher what the final instructions will entail, but the fourth and final portion will add an important factor that you will need.

Send your answer to bryan (at) dragonsinourmidst (dot) com

Since this is a longer portion, the first three to answer correctly will get twenty points, and everyone else who answers correctly will get fifteen points.

Here is the new part--two paragraphs:


If you don’t want to suffer from the pain of cardiac arrest, then stay away from a music conductor who insists that you play with the acumen of Mozart, especially when a multipart piece is placed in front of you, the composing author of which considers himself to be the second coming of Beethoven. You will surely cry out to the one who delivers us from such demons.

Since I have divided the contest code into sections, I feel like a word artisan, a sentence adaptor, a paragraphical whatever. If you reorder your focus, as I patronize you with these maddening verses, your mind will soon be one that elevates, and you will be able to solve these riddles. You will be a true editor.


Rules Update:

Several people have sent reviews posted as comments on blogs. I am changing the rules so that these don't count. They are not searchable, and only a handful of people will ever see them. In fact, some bloggers have complained about the contestants posting review comments.

So, in order to make it an even playing field for everyone, I will go back and deduct points from the totals of people for whom I have already counted such reviews. A few contestants' totals were affected quite a bit, but most weren't hurt much.


Magma said...

I like this coded's really fun....I'm getting better at it too!

btw, thanks for discouraging people posting their reviews as comments....that was starting to get annoying.

Galadriel said...

Bother! How else am I to get points if I live in a town of 1600 hundred? I understand why you did it though.