Monday, April 07, 2008

Countdown to Beyond the Reflection's Edge Day 4

Only 24 days until Beyond the Reflection's Edge is released.

There is a scene in the book that take place at a performance hall in Chicago. My friend and I checked out several possible places in downtown Chicago until we settled on Ganz Hall. Every door, every hall, every staircase, and even the fire escape you will read about in the book, I looked at and photographed.

This is a photo of the stage at Ganz Hall.

News: The name of the third book in the series will be Edge of Chaos.


The first chapter of Beyond the Reflection’s Edge contained more emotion and action then some books ever reach. From there, the story builds in depth to an extraordinary conclusion. Nathan, Kelly, Clara and Francesca, like the much-loved characters of Davis' prior books, are realistic and touching portrayals of faith in action. I can't wait for the next installment. ~ Julie Dick, Age 15

Bryan Davis' Beyond the Reflection's Edge is his best work yet. He is able to once again touch the hearts of readers and illustrate the virtues of love, trust, sacrifice, and the power of music. Filled with unforgettable characters, intense action, and heart-wrenching moments, this book is a must-read for teens and adults alike. If you picked this book up just out of curiosity, you can't put it back on the shelf! ~ Thomas Bowers, Age 15 is taking pre-publication orders. Here is a link.

715542: Beyond The Reflections" Edge # 1Beyond The Reflections' Edge # 1

By Bryan Davis / Zondervan


Araken said...

Geez, all these posts are driving me crazy! I reaaaaally want to read the book now!

bookworm_for_god said...

OMG! mr. davis, you truly love toturing don't you? 24 days is a long ways to me now, even if it is a short time away for other people. I'm going to be driving my mom insane until we get the book!!!

I have a question. Like a celebrity would, do you sometimes get people to come up to you randomly and recognize you?

Bryan Davis said...


I had that happen to me once, and I was very surprised. It was a student who remembered me from a talk I gave at his school.

For the most part, authors can easily be in public without being recognized. We aren't on TV much, and some of us don't even have a photo on the book cover, so most people wouldn't remember what we look like.

Elliot Reed said...

24 days of 24 hours, that's 24 squared, or 576 hours!!!!!!!! (roughly). Hmmm... To say I can't wait would be a lie, because the painful reality is that I must wait. However, I will say that the waiting will be very slow and painful as I await the relief of Beyond the Reflection's Edge to come out!

Ian said...

I agree with Araken! I thought that DioM had to be the limit of any writer's talent...and now I hear Mr. Davis has come out with something even better?? And then, he tells us it is 24 days away!!! Don't worry, Mr. Davis, it won't be a short time for us either!


Galadriel said...

One of those reviews is mine. *BIG SMILE* I can't wait to start posting reviews.