Sunday, April 27, 2008

Countdown to Beyond the Reflection's Edge Day 24

Only 4 days until Beyond the Reflection's Edge is released.

As I wrote yesterday, sometimes research targets don't quite work out. I found this Mississippi River bridge in Davenport, Iowa, that would have been great for the story. It had one feature that made it impossible to use. Those who have already read the story can probably figure it out.

News: I have heard from two people who found Beyond the Reflection's Edge in stores, so that means the book has already been released, making my countdown somewhat anticlimactic. But I'll press on with it, because the book probably hasn't reached all the stores around the country.


Mr. Davis has really done it this time. He has weaved a tale full of action, adventure, grief, and true friendship, maybe even surpassing Dragons in our Midst. This is one book you won’t want to put down. ~ Sam Plowman, Age 15

The wonderful world of Fantasy and Christian fiction has once again been combined into another adventurous story written by Bryan Davis. I found myself crying, laughing, and panicking along with the characters. I felt like I was standing right next to Nathan and Kelly. Great job, Mr. Davis! Keep up the good work. ~ Ashlea Bean, Age 15 is taking pre-publication orders. Here is a link.

715542: Beyond The Reflections" Edge # 1Beyond The Reflections' Edge # 1

By Bryan Davis / Zondervan

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Elliot Reed said...

It sure hasn't reached my stores yet! So don't stop the countdown yet, there's only four days left!