Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Countdown to Beyond the Reflection's Edge Day 5

Only 23 days until Beyond the Reflection's Edge is released.

There is a car-chase scene in the book where my main character comes upon a drawbridge and is trapped. Here is a photo of the drawbridge in Chicago. I just happened to be there when the span opened, so I took as many pictures as I could. It helped me write the scene in a realistic way ... well, as realistic as the fantasy elements in the story would allow.

News: Our current release schedule will bring the second book in the series, Eternity's Edge, to stores in October of this year.


Beyond the Reflection’s Edge is an amazing story of fantasy, adventure, and an unparalleled exploration that will keep you turning pages until you're done. You won't be able to wait for the next one. Seriously. Brain aneurysm type problem here. ~ Casey Rochester, Age 16

I loved how Beyond the Reflection's Edge pushed me not to be satisfied with appearances, but to search for truth. It's so beautifully complex in that each page brings light to a new facet of the plot. Several times I read until late at night because I couldn't stand to leave Nathan and Kelly hanging! ~ Anna Mottaz, Age 15

Christianbook.com is taking pre-publication orders. Here is a link.

715542: Beyond The Reflections" Edge # 1Beyond The Reflections' Edge # 1

By Bryan Davis / Zondervan


S. J. Deal said...

In the computer game "Midtown Madness" I'd get my car stuck and then fall in a lot when those bridges opened. I'd forgotten about that until I saw the photo.
(That game is ancient... But Chicago is one of the places you drive in that series.) Your post triggered rather fond memories of rather hysterical network game sessions between my sister and I... (Complete with car chases.)

Elliot Reed said...

23?!?!? 23!?!?! That's like... One whole day less than 24! Oh, the waiting!!


Katie G. said...

I can't wait to read the next book! Also I could do a review if that's still open!

Bryan Davis said...


Email your shipping address to me:

bryan at dragonsinourmidst dot com

Araken said...

Arg, this waiting is driving me crazier than normal!

Oh, I could do a review too!