Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Countdown to Beyond the Reflection's Edge Day 20

Only 8 days until Beyond the Reflection's Edge is released.

This is a photo of the bridge crossing the Mississippi River on Interstate 80 between Iowa and Illinois. At one point in the story, a very dangerous traffic mishap occurs at this location. I won't tell you what happens, but I do want to point out the very low barrier to the right. It's barely knee high.

News: I added a school in the Dallas area to my schedule, Life School in Red Oak, May 12.


This was quite an adventure that Nathan and Kelly and others had! High speed car chases, motorcycle chases, dimensional shifting, leaping from one building to another! Bryan Davis has a wonderful storyline involving relationships, morality questions, trust, and doubt. The book moves along quickly and you wonder where the time has gone. I very much enjoyed Beyond the Reflection's Edge, as I have all his others, and would recommend it to either teens or adults. ~ Daniel Struck, Age 38 is taking pre-publication orders. Here is a link.

715542: Beyond The Reflections" Edge # 1Beyond The Reflections' Edge # 1

By Bryan Davis / Zondervan


Elliot Reed said...

Hmmm... Now, I've traveled along a lot of bridges, but I do think that my family has driven over that bridge, although I don't think I would remember a bridge like that.. I'll have to go ask...


Eight Days!

Elliot Reed said...

Hey! I went up to my Mom asking, "I know this is gonna sound pretty random, but have we ever driven down I-80 on a bridge between Iowa and Illinois?

Her immediate responce, "Oh yes, plenty of times!"

It's fun when you figure out that you've been to a place thats actually in a book!


Araken said...

Wow, elliot and I are like the only ones around here...

Elliot- not fair! You got to go to a place in a book!

Ian said...

I'd comment more, but I kind of am not sure what to say - the posts lately are all so similar, so I wore out my comments on the first few, and I haven't really been in the U.S. a lot, let alone those locatoins.

Huh. oh well.