Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Countdown to Beyond the Reflection's Edge Day 26

Only 2 days until Beyond the Reflection's Edge is released.

Details. They make a story feel real. When an author includes tidbits of detail in the action, just the right amount so that it doesn't interfere or slow the story, he enhances the reality of the setting.

For example, notice the hatch on the right-hand wall. This is where my hero emerges from a maintenance area I posted earlier. He can't just walk out; he has to jump, so including a jump was essential. And, since he's escaping, what's the first thing he notices? The fire escape sign.

When I'm reading, I like to see details sprinkled throughout, but not paragraph after paragraph and page after page, as I have seen in many fantasy novels. I believe details need to be salted, not dumped, just enough to enhance the flavor. Otherwise, readers scan through the boring details, looking for where the action picks up again.

News: I have decided on a prize for the contest I will be running next month. I got this idea from Wayne Thomas Batson, author of The Door Within series and Isle of Swords. I will give away books for life, that is, the winner will receive a copy of each new book I publish for the rest of my career. Since the contest will have a points system, I will give smaller prizes to the rest of the top ten finishers. Look for details in the next couple of weeks.


Beyond the Reflection's Edge is an amazing book filled with action and adventure. You won't ever want to put it down! If you're a lover of action and adventure, I highly recommend this book! Mr. Davis, keep up the great work! ~ Alex Dickinson, Age 15

Beyond the Reflection’s Edge is an amazing blend of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery. This is one book I could not put down. I am a fan of Bryan Davis' previous works. This book did not disappoint me! ~ Caleb Gwynn, Age 14

Christianbook.com is taking pre-publication orders. Here is a link.

715542: Beyond The Reflections" Edge # 1Beyond The Reflections' Edge # 1

By Bryan Davis / Zondervan


Elliot Reed said...

That's a great contest idea! Ok, so, I know that by now I very well could have ordered off of amazon, or gone to some bookstore and found Echoes from the Edge. So why haven't I? Because I found out that I'm going down to Welspring Book Store on May 2nd! So I'll be getting my copy there...


I agree when it comes to details, a little here and there really helps a reader visualize, but don't give them more details then what they would notice if they were in that situation. That just makes for a lonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg read, even if it is a good storyline.

Sapphira Adi said...

Eeeeeep!!!!!! I can't wait for it to come out! Why must you torture us with this countdown? WHY?! Just kidding. I'm just a tad overexcited about it. . . .


Katie G. said...

WOW!!! That's a REALLY great prize!!!

Magma said...

YEY! books for life!!!!

bookworm_for_god said...

so i can't wait till the details of this contest is posted, because ireally really want to particpate in this contest!!! lol... can't wait for the book!!! my mom already pre-ordered without telling me until yesterday :PP

Galadriel said...

Tell me more! That's great! BTW, I probably won't make it to the book signing in Carol Stream. It's two hours from my grandparents house. *sigh* So near, and yet so far...