Saturday, May 03, 2008

Book Tour Day Three

I spoke at three schools in Cedar Rapids yesterday and then drove to Des Moines, two hours away, for a book signing at Wellspring Christian Bookstore. I had a great time. The bookstore is really great--spacious, great inventory, and friendly staff.

I have the privilege of meeting Elliot Reed (see photo), a frequent commenter on this blog. He and his family drove three hours from Minnesota to come to the signing. I am always thrilled to meet my readers, and it's overwhelming to think that people would want to drive that far to see me.

I have three bookstore events today, then I have to drive all night to get home. I probably won't post again until Monday. I appreciate your prayers for safe travel.


Christian_Fantasy_Adict said...

Awesome! Hi, Elliot.

Yeah, I know how fun long car drives are. <_< I'll be praying.

Ian said...

Elliot got to meet Bryan DAvis?? LUCKY!!! *sigh* but I doubt my parents would drive that long for a book signing...oh well.

I'll pray for you Mr. Davis!


Elliot Reed said...

It was a really fun time! And actually, there’s a really good part about the long drive back, more book reading time! I’m halfway through right now, and enjoying every moment!


Araken said...

Elliot! Not fair! You had you pic taken with Bryan Davis?

Pais Charos said...

Count on it ;-)

Sapphira Adi said...

Elliot you got to meet Bryan Davis?! I'll see him on May 11! I can't wait!


bookworm_for_god said...

i'm jealous:) jk. wish i could've went. but that's in another state... ho-hum... BUT I WILL DO IT SOMEDAY!!! promise :P
God Bless, Mr. Davis!!! hope you have a great time:)


Bryan Davis said...


How will you see me on May 11? I have no public events scheduled that day.

Sapphira Adi said...

*bonks self on head* Whoops! I meant the May 10 book signing in Arkansas! My mistake!


CraigSnedeker said...

Tat's awesome! lol
I am reading the 1st book of Oracles of Fire for the second time :D

Danny said...


I wish I could have met Mr. Davis! Although you did tell him about me Elliot. So thanks for that! I doubt my parents would drive that far for a book signing either.

I hate long car drives! :P You get sooo cramped! However if you have friends along its not soo bad.

I am praying for you Mr. Davis! God bless you!