Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Contest Rules Update

Because some people live in small towns without any bookstores, I will allow you to ask friends to get photos for you. The friend must be in the photo along with the store employee.

Another change, when you refer people to join the contest, you won't get your three points until that person gets at least some points through reviews, photos, etc.

I am adding a new way to collect points. Make a video supporting Beyond the Reflection's Edge and post it on Youtube or Godtube. You can interview people, use music or artwork, or even recruit people to join the contest. If you don't mind, I would like you to include a positive comment or two about the book. Make it imaginative, funny, insightful, anything (within reason) to attract attention.

Posting a video will be worth twenty points, but only one video per person will count. As the contest draws to a close, I will award an additional twenty points to the person who makes the best video (in the opinion of the judges).

I will add these new rules to the original post.

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