Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chicago Area Book Tour

I had a great time visiting schools in the Chicago area. The photo shows me speaking to a great group of kids at Harvest Christian Academy in Elgin, Illinois.

Their facility was unique, a converted office building that Hobby Lobby sold to them for one dollar. They did a superb job transforming it into a school.

The other three schools I visited, Westminster Christian in Elgin, Calvary Christian in Naperville, and Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights were all great as well.

I also signed at two John's Christian stores and had the opportunity to meet Galadriel, a member of my message board and one of the top contestants in the Beyond the Reflection's Edge contest. You can see us in the photo posing with the book.

Speaking of the contest, we had quite a few correct answers to the first quiz. Keep the answers coming. They will count for twenty points through the end of June.

Since I'm going on the road again this week, I plan to wait for Monday, June 2, to post the second quiz. Watch the forum, because the first five correct answers will get more points than the others.

Also, I have removed from the contest list those who have not accumulated any points. If they report any points, I will immediately put them back on.


Christian_Fantasy_Adict said...

Glad you're doing well. I'll continue to pray for your safety as you travel.

Katie G. said...

Mr. Davis,

Did you recieve the e-mail Ashley sent to you about her points?

Bryan Davis said...

No, Katie, I haven't heard from Ashley.

Galadriel said...

I hope you had more people than me show up at the other bookstore. [[It was just me and one other person in Napervile, at least when I left]]

Pais Charos said...

How fun :) Great pics!

See ya Friday!!

Anonymous said...

So like when are you going to come to Hawaii?