Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Contest Photos

The Beyond the Reflection's Edge contest (Click here for contest rules) continues with more great photos!

Here is lightbearer with Kate at Borders, 2563 35th Ave, Greeley Colorado. She also sent one in with her and Delia from the Family Christian Store at 1936 Greeley Mall in Greeley, Colorado.

Here is son of Shem with Jessie at Borders, 3577 River Rapids, Coon Rapids, MN. He also sent photos with Larua at Borders, 12059 Elm Creek, Maple Grove, MN and Sarah at Northwestern bookstore, 13040 Riverdale Drive, Coon Rapids, MN.

This is godsgirl with her poster at her pediatrician's office.

And here is our current contest leader, moncowgirl, with her poster at her local library.

I'm in Chicago right now for part of my book tour, but I'll try to keep posting updates as often as possible. Keep the responses coming! If you think you're too far behind, it's not hard to pile up points quickly. You can catch up!


Katie G. said...

I will have some photos as soon as I can. I know I will have some in ( at the most ) 3 weeks.

Katie G. said...

Oh, and does putting posters up in your library count? I thought I read some where that it didn't....?