Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Contest Update #5

I have updated the point totals on the left based on everything I have received as of 6:00 pm Central Time on May 13. A couple of you have points pending because you referred other contestants. Those won't be added until the contestant you referred starts getting points. Also, a few of you sent me reviews from Goodreads.com. I tried searching for those reviews without logging in, and it wouldn't let me show them, so that site isn't public enough.

If you calculate a different point count than I did, please let me know, and I will look at it more closely.

The people who have sent photos from bookstores and/or posted a video are piling up the points. Here is Moncowgirl with Kay at the Alpharetta LifeWay Christian Store, Mansell Crossing Shopping Center, 7131 North Point Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30022. If you live in the area and want a copy of the book, you can find it there.

Abigail sent in the next photo. She is posing with Zach from
LifeWay Christian Stores. Store #4757, 3621 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

We also have a three new Youtube videos to show you. In order, they were posted by Magma, Galdriel, and Djaq.


Galadriel said...

The middle one's mine.

Araken said...

Great work on the videos, y'all!

the lion hearted said...

Great job, you guys! Very awesome! I love the song "Stronger" by delirious?, Galadriel! :-D! I think I'm gonna go buy the book now...

bookworm4god said...

wow... all of these videos are AWESOME.... I definitely can't say that about mine....;) great job!!!

I love how in the last video where she's holding the book during laundry.... that was hilarious:)