Monday, May 26, 2008

Contest Quiz Number One

It's time for the first quiz in the Beyond the Reflection's Edge contest (for contest rules, Click Here). You will need the release version of the book, rather than an advance copy, to be sure of getting the right answer to this quiz.

Send your answer by email only to bryan (at) dragonsinourmidst (dot) com. Comments posted on the blog that contain the answer will be deleted, and they will not count.

Anyone who sends in a correct answer for quiz number one will receive twenty points. The first five people who send the answer, based on the time stamp of the email, will receive thirty points.

You may answer at any time all the way to the end of the contest (end of June), and you will receive the points.

Please be sure to identify which quiz number you are answering. This is quiz number one.

The first question is based on words you can find in the book.

Page 260 word #68

Page 92 word #24

Page 264 word #181

Page 246 word #85

Page 51 word #40

Hyphenated and contracted words count as one word. When you put these words together, they make a short phrase that indicates a question. Send the answer to the question the words ask.

Also, you will need this answer in order to be able to solve the final quiz, so save it for later.

You may post comments to clarify the rules but no hints about the words or the answer to the question.


Anonymous said...

Does the word count go up to down?

Bryan Davis said...

The word count starts at the beginning of each page (from top left to bottom right).

Bryan Davis said...

I changed the rules slightly from the original post. Now the first five people who submit the correct answer will get thirty points rather than just the first one.

Magma said... the question itself about the book or are we just using the book for finding out what the question is?

Bryan Davis said...


The question itself is not about the book. You're using the book to find out what the question is.

Magma said...

cool quiz....when's the next one?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what it's implying. >.<

Bryan Davis said...


Put the words into the form of a question. If you count correctly and pick the correct words, the phrase will make sense. Then, look up the answer, not in the book, but in a reference book.

Kale said...

That was a lot of fun! I was so excited that I kept miscounting the words and had to re-count them so many times I was going nuts. :b

Magma said...

or google it and find its wikipedia page.

Katie G. said...

That was fun! Are these quizzes going to be weekly or just anytime you get the chance or what????

Abigail said...

That was so fun! :D