Monday, May 26, 2008

Contest Photos Once Again

The Beyond the Reflection's Edge contest is going strong. Some contestants are piling up the points, while some are still waiting to send me their reports. It's not hard to pile up a bunch of points quickly, so I expect the contest to tighten even more.

With the first of the quiz questions coming later today, everyone will have an opportunity to get a jump in their totals.

Here are more photos:

Jessica H. is standing with Bernice Derksen at Blessings in Chilliwack, BC.

Moncowgirl poses with Ashley at Family Christian store at the Westbrook Plaza, 662 Dawsonville Hwy, Gainesville, GA

MeghantheDraygon is with Larry at the For-All store in the mall in Joplin, Missouri.

Twin4God is with Sarah at a Family Christian store at Regency Square, 2454 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL

Twin4God again, now with Norma Jean at a Family Christian Store, Gulf Coast Town Center, 9924 Gulf Coast Main Ste A125, in Fort Myers, FL

And finally, Lightbearer with her poster at the Cedar Point Grille in Cedar Crest New Mexico.

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bookworm4god said...

ahhh ur keeping me in, i keep checking for like about every 5 min. to see if you've posted the quizzz