Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Book Tour Update - Arkansas and Texas

I had a great time at the Skia store in Bentonville, Arkansas. What a great place! I've never seen any Christian store like it.

I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people. The photo shows me with a young lady who often posts on this blog using the name Sapphira Adi. It was great to finally meet her! She and her mother drove two hours to get to the store. What a blessing!

I met a few others, as well, but I forgot to get their permission to post the photos.

My son Caleb played his cello while I greeted people and signed books. Several people just sat and listened while he played a variety of classical pieces and hymns.

After the Saturday signing, we drove to Dallas. Sunday, we visited the Conrad family in the Dallas area for a cookout. Although I had never met them, they are readers of my books, so we felt like friends already. That was a great time of relaxation and refreshment. Caleb again played his cello for our enjoyment.

On Monday, I visited Life School in Red Oak, Texas, and gave two talks. In the photo I am telling a story, part of which I delivered while standing on a chair. I like to get dramatic.

In the final photo, you can see the kids listening. They were a terrific group of students: courteous and attentive. I had a great time.

Caleb went to a concert that night, so I waited for that to be over, and we drove all night to get home this morning. I'm tired, to say the least.

Tomorrow, my wife, three of my daughters, and I start the long drive to Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you live in that area, I hope you'll check out my schedule by clicking here and come out to see me!

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Pais Charos said...

I love the shot of you standing on the chair! That's great! Too bad I missed Caleb playing his cello, I love listening to him play!

Tell Mom and the girls "Hi" for me and give them all hugs. And get some rest! :-P Love ya, see you in a few weeks.